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Hair preperation in Harrogate


Where do you travel to?

I’m happy to travel throughout the majority of the Yorkshire region but this is subject to availabilty and the logistics due to other comittments.

I am based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire so travel expenses do apply and UK travel expenses are charged at an hourly rate. If that means a 2 hour round trip then I will charge for 2 hours of travel in addition to styling services. 

For weddings overseas, flights, accommodation, airport transfers etc will need to be covered.

 Anna and Tims Wedding

Do I need a hair trial before the day?

My recommendation is yes, yes and triple yes! Every person’s hair is totally different and this is the time we get together and work out our plans. You might love a million pictures, but it’s unlikely you will know whether they will suit your hair type. Or if you will need to buy clip-in extensions for volume, or what hair accessory will work best with your hairstyle. These are the things we need to discuss before the day, so when it comes to the wedding morning everything goes seamlessly, with no stress. 

Do my bridesmaids need a trial?

Robins wedding day prep

Not necessarily. Most of my brides like their bridesmaids to all look similar, or to have some kind of theme so it's much easier to adapt a style to work for everyone. However, if you have a bridesmaid who is very particular, nervous or just wants to see the finished look in advance, by all means they can book an appointment. 

I'm unsure what look to go for? 

When you come for your trial, we'll take lots of factors into account. Your dress, your wedding theme, your hair colour, hair texture, accessories, veil etc. We'll also look at how you wear your hair normally every day. I'm a big believer that you should feel absolutely comfortable with what you're going to have on the wedding day. You should never look in the mirror and think that's just not me!  I've no doubt that you have lots of inspiration pictures so we'll take a look at them and see the kind of things that you like, and from there we can create something to suit you and your style. 

Pintrest & Instagram Vs reality

Finishing touches at Norwood Park
Finishing touches for my bride

Pinterest is a truly wonderful thing, but how many times do you start looking at a recipe and before you know it, you've redesigned your whole house! I love it as much as the next person but in all seriousness, it can cause problems when using it for bridal style inspiration. 

Ladies come armed with a Pinterest board of wonderful styles, but this can often create unrealistic expectations. A lot of these styles are created by world renowned artists who have perfect models, with perfect hair that have maybe spent 3 hours creating something incredible!  

Showing me that very same picture and saying "I want this" is unrealistic for both of us. Firstly, I can't recreate someone else’s work as we all work so differently - it would be impossible. Secondly, I would never promise something that I can't deliver perfectly. 

It’s very likely that you booked me, or you're thinking about booking me by looking at my work on Instagram and liking what you see, so my very best advice is to choose styles from my page! I know what went into every style, I’ll probably even remember what the person in the pictures hair was like. If you're a blonde, look at blonde styles and the same with a brunette… look at styles with dark hair. A blonde style on a brunette will never look the same and if you fall in love with all the dimension and the texture of the blonde, you may not consider what it would potentially look like on your jet black hair. 

When should I book my hair trial? 

I recommend having your hair trial around 4-6 weeks before the wedding. Your hair will be pretty much as it will be on the day in terms of length, and probably colour so it will be as close as we can get it.  I do get very busy in wedding season so please give me plenty of notice to book your trial, at least a month or so before. I don't offer trials on a weekend I’m afraid as I’m busy at weddings so these will be carried out on a Wed, Thu, Fri. 

Hazlewood Castle Boho shoot
Bridal veil shoot at Hirst Priory

How does the hair trial work? What should I bring? 

On the day of your trial bring any accessories you may have purchased, including your veil if you have one. If you haven't yet bought anything don't worry, I can always advise you on what would be the best fit after creating your hairstyle.  Your appointment is 2 hours and that gives us plenty of time to try a few things if needed. If you still feel you need more time to try out other options then you will need to book another trial which will be the same price.  Feel free to bring along a friend or family member but please be aware my studio is only small so I need to ask that no more than 2 people attend the trial.  Bring pictures of your dress and styles that you like for inspiration so I can get a feel for what you like. If you are stuck for inspiration please check out my INSTAGRAM page.


Please wash & blow-dry your hair the night before so that it's clean and dry for your trial. It is imperative for me to have a blank canvas to work with. Please, no 4 day old dirty hair, that really is a myth! 

Please wear something white/cream, preferably something you can pull off your shoulders. This is not only great for photographs, but you need to feel what it will look like on the day. If your wedding dress is strapless then wearing a polo neck won't give you the best effect. 

Once you're happy with the finished result then I'll take lots of photographs, not only for me to remember what we did but also for my social media. I'm happy to share these pictures after the wedding if you prefer. 

Who puts my veil in at the end? 

I'm usually there with you right until the end, so i'll happily put that in for you. If you are moving venues and you want to wait until you are dressed and almost ready to go, then I will allocate the job to a member of your bridal party. I will also explain then how to remove the veil with as little disruption as possible should you want to take it out after the ceremony.  If you are wanting to wear your veil underneath your chosen style, then I ask that the comb be removed and replaced with small loops. This means the veil will be secured with grips and be much easier to remove later. 

If you're looking for an incredible veil and haven't yet found one I recommend Rebecca Ann Designs a totally bespoke veil can be designed just for you, Check out her website.

Suzy's wedding day
Oulton Hall wedding

What products do you use?

I love to try new products so if there's someone out there shouting about something I’ll generally give it a try. 

My favourites are Schwarzkopf Professional's Osis range, KYK Magic dust I could not live without AND Redken, plus lots of other products that are out their on the market.

 As for styling tools, I’m a big fan of Babyliss Pro FLAT IRONS and ghd curling tongs ARE THE BEST. Beauty Works extra long curling wand is a must have for those immaculate Hollywood waves.

How much is the Booking Fee?

I require a £70 non refundable, non transferrable booking fee to secure your date alongside a completed booking form. Until i receive both of these the date will remain open. If I have sent you a booking form and you haven't completed it yet in the meantime someone else comes along and pays a booking fee the date will be given away. Under no circumstances do I hold a date. Unfortunately it's first come first served. 

If you cancel the date you WILL NOT be given a refund of the booking fee, If you change the date a new deposit will be required as I may have turned other brides away.

My bridesmaids only want a few curls/have short hair, is it the same price? 

I don't offer discounts for anyone, sorry!

Bridesmaids are the same price regardless of the style they have. This is because I book out a slot per person. It would be impossible for me to give prices for each person dependent on what style they wanted, or what their hair was like. Sometimes curling a full head of hair can take me longer than doing an upstyle. It's down to you guys to decide wether you would like it doing on the day, I won't be offended if you deem it not worth it.

Do you do editorial work/ photo shoots? 

Harrogate wedding

The answer to that is YES!!

I absolutely love to collaborate with other like minded people and be involved in shoots. I will however always check out a style/theme, photographer and concept first to make sure that it's something that matches my style. 

This is going to be something where the images we produce are magazine worthy so I feel it's really important that I stay true to my brand.

What's your style?

Middleton Lodge. Laura's bridal ponytail
Shoot at the Chili barn

Oooh now there's the million dollar question. 

There are certain types of hairstyle that I get asked for all the time so that then becomes your signature look because everyone loves that look! 

I would definitely say for one 'beach waves' Ladies seem to love them. They love the texture, the imperfect curl and the gorgeous relaxed feel that it achieves. I personally don't like anything too set looking so i'm all for a relaxed lived in vibe. 


I'm doing more and more down hairstyles at the moment which I absolutely LOVE! Hollywood waves are everything this season. They look ultra glamourous. How many of you wear your hair down every day? why would you then suddenly wear it up on your wedding day? Just try and be yourself rather than not feeling like you on the day.

One of my other most asked for looks is the boho updo. This look is very textured and natural, lots of movement. It actually looks like it's just been loosley put up rather than too set and structured. It looks like such a romantic hairstyle with lots of soft pieces to frame the face, that real etheral vibe. 

Weddings have a real rustic/ festival theme to them now, and boho is the most commonly asked for style in general. My personal favourites are also the rusty colours, burnt orange and teracotta, pampas grass, lots of candles and fairy lights for the atmosphere. There's literally so much inspiration out there you can go mad!! Check out my pintrest board for lots of inspo.  

Do you do make-up? Can you recommend anyone?

That's a really easy question. No I don't do make-up unfortunately but I am lucky to work alongside the best in the business and can happily recommend you a number of incredible make-up artists that can create your dream look.

They range from barely there natural make-up, to full on glam if that's what you're looking for. 

Drop me an email and i'll send you a list of my favourite make up artists in our area. 

Do you colour hair?

I absolutely do. I'm a fully qualified hairstylists in all aspects of colour. I specialise in lived in blondes for that super natural look and low maintenance hair. balayage looks, sunkissed, softly highlighted are what everyone is going for right now so you spend less ours and money in the salon. 
I also offer glossing services prior to the wedding if you just wanted to add some amazing shine! I use all redken products and a skin test is required before any service.  Please see my colour page on my website for more information.

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